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  1. Kansas City's Morning News

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    The Royals And Their Impact On Our Military Overseas


    Myles Perry is a lieutenant colonel in the army on the ground in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He joined us this morning to talk about the Royals fans serving in Kandahar and how much this post season Ron means to our men and women overseas.

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  2. Dana & Parks

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    B Double E KC talks with Dana & Parks about new "Royals Ready" rap about KC


    B Double E KC talks with Dana & Parks about new "Royals Ready" rap about KC.

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  3. Darla Jaye

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    Darla Jaye World Series tix to Umschied


    Chris Umschied receives two free tickets to the World Series.

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  4. KMBZ News Special

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    President Obama honors MLS Champions, Sporting Kansas City


    Event at the White House on October 1, 2014.

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